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How do you fix a plan that has failed? All I wanted was to teach my brother a lesson. I wanted him to break up with his girlfriend. I wanted to stop him from running off to another city and pretending to be better than me. My goal was to bring him back home to please my parents.
And now, my good intentions are coming back to bite me. Not only is Mats not coming home, but he likes his new job, and he seems solid with his new girlfriend. And to make it even worse, he’s suddenly become the family hero for having a kid from a loose fling and our parents are falling over themselves to move to town to play grandparents.

And I look like the jerk in the story.

On top of that, Caroline, the sexy chick that I planned on wrapping around my finger, is now starting to make demands on me. How could it all go so wrong?

Out now!


Gabriel: Why are little brothers so annoying? When he was little Mats was sweet and cute. I hate sweet and cute.

As we became teenagers growing up in Dad’s house, he became more fun. We had so many beautiful young wannabe starlets around the house hoping to make it big working with Dad and his recording studio. The parties were great, the alcohol was plentiful, the women were hot and willing, and Mats was fun to hang out with. But our mother’s strict conservative attitude has always haunted him. Her strict reprimanding voice is constantly at the back of his mind and getting to him; I swear he is trying to grow angel wings and a halo.

First, he decided to become a doctor to save people. The he decided to stop partying and sleeping around, but that was like trying to climb a slippery wall. Then he joined Doctors without Borders for several years. And finally, he broke all contact with me and Mom and moved to a new city. But heck no, he is not going to get away with just running off and pretending to be better than the rest of us.

I recently had a double stroke of luck. I met Caroline Dren, the hottest girl on earth. She is the new Chief of Staff at Dren General Hospital. Third generation of the Drens in the job after her father and grandfather. She likes me and with my charm, she won’t resist me for long. Her position of power at Dren General gives me an excellent opportunity to further my career as a psychologist, but even better, she’s also Mats’ new boss. The thought of all the possibilities this gives makes me grin from ear to ear.

Wait, I said a double stroke of luck. So, here it is: I have recently found out that my little brother screwed up big time when he was working for Doctors without Borders. Yes, the kind of screw up that comes back to haunt you and you just can’t run away from. Having a kid is not something you can just fix by moving to a new city.


So, for his birthday I have organized a surprise party. And yes, I’ve invited the whole family and some very special surprise guests just for him. His ex and his kid. Happy birthday, Mr. Perfect!

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Why, oh, why did my brother choose to follow me to work in the same hospital as me? I wanted a new life. And now he is not only living and breathing too close to me, but he is also bragging that my girl supposedly groped him in his car.

Gabriel is my big brother. He’s famous, he’s good looking, he’s rich. He’s the golden boy who can’t do anything wrong. My father’s favorite. He’s despicable.

And speaking of siblings: Faye Dren, you know, the nurse on the oncology ward who works with me. Well, her sister, Caroline Dren has also just started working here at the hospital.

According to Faye, she’s just as detestable as my brother Gabe is. And Caroline is not just a nurse or a pencil pusher in admin. Nope. She’s landed the position of Chief of Staff. She’s just become the top boss of the entire workforce of the hospital. What kind of a world do we live in? It’s raining nasty siblings!

Between Gabe and Caroline, I feel trapped.
So, my plan is to focus more on my relationship with Tilley. With her, my life can become sweet again.

Out now!


Mats: Don’t you just hate it when your past catches up with you? My past didn’t so much catch up with me as crash right into me.

I’ve made all the efforts in the world to cut ties with the bad boy image of my youth. I’ve moved away from Nashville, started a new job, and changed my phone number. I even have a budding relationship with beautiful Tilley whom I am also lucky enough to have as a colleague on the pediatric oncology ward.

I love my new job and I want the best for my patients. We are dealing with so many cases of young people facing life altering changes from their diagnosis. So, why doesn’t this hospital have a pediatric psychiatrist? Apparently, there is a hiring freeze due to lack of funds. This is a disgrace and I have been shaking and moving all the powers that be to demand that we get a high-quality professional. Not only did I demand that the Chief of Staff start recruiting the best psychiatrist in the country, but I have also agreed to turn up the charm at the upcoming gala event to butter up the hospital Board Members and rich sponsors for new cash to afford a new psychiatrist on a full-time permanent contract.

And then it happens. A new psychiatrist is hired, and I am elated that we will be able to provide the best care for our patients. Enters Dr. Ekeblad. Hang on a minute? Who? Yes, you heard that right. Dr. Gabriel Ekeblad. My own brother. What the heck? Whose decision was this? My entire youth has just come crashing back down on me.

Along with Gabriel’s arrival I know that his habits as a womanizer and a playboy will be accompanying him. Women find Gabe irresistible and with his skills as a shrink, he is a master at getting what he wants. Should I warn my female colleagues? Should I tell Tilley to stay away from him?

Out now!


I am a professional, I want to do the job I have been hired to do. But the attraction is palpable and messing with my head. He’s just a guy. A drop-dead gorgeous guy. Doctor Hot. Oh, what am I doing?

The more I fall for him, the more I realize that he is a complete stranger. His home is full of unpacked boxes. He gives away all his furniture. His bed is too small for two people. He keeps getting strange phone calls that he clicks away and won’t answer. And yet, I can’t help myself wanting more. Help!


What would you do if the one night stand you had a few nights ago turned out to be with your new boss? Would you run for the hills?

It was my first week at work in my new job as a nurse. My roomie and I went to a bar, purposefully out of the way to make sure we would not run into colleagues.

He was smoking hot and sending all the right “come hither” signals. Something in my brain switched off, and I somehow pushed him to take me home with him. It turned out he didn’t need much convincing. Sometimes you just can’t fight nature, I guess.

After a glorious encounter on his sofa, he went to shower. What do you think I did? Yup, I ran for the hills. Didn’t leave my name, didn’t leave my number. A girl has got to stay safe and not get involved with strangers, right?

And then, a few days later, it all came crashing down.

“Dr. Ekeblad, this is your nurse Tilley. Tilley, Dr. Ekeblad.”

This has got to be some kind of cosmic joke! I barely know the guy, and now we must work together.


Let me rephrase that. On some level, I know this smoking hot doctor extremely well, in intimate detail to be exact, and we are now going to be spending every single day together. I am not sure if I should cringe or let my inner princess do a happy dance.

Out now!


“I am assuming your place?” she says, her fingers draping suggestively across the arched back of her chair. Holy Moses! I’ve had too many Jack Daniels and I have known the lady for about five minutes. Give me a second for my brain to kick in.

I only came into The Cavern about an hour ago to find a little comfort. It’s a lonely experience to create a new life: new town, new job, new me. Am I running away from the past you wonder? Well, yes, in a way. Frankly, the Ekeblad name is a curse. It’s a burden I have failed to live up to. My new job is starting this week and it will give me a new chance at doing it right.

A new beginning in the middle of nowhere. Far from Nashville, far from everyone who knows me. The Cavern seemed such a good idea an hour ago. As I am gathering my spirits and psyching myself up for my new identity as Dr. Ekeblad at Dren General Hospital, I just want a last night to let go and to get lost in anonymity. So, here I am. Within seconds of sitting down, I lock eyes with the silky auburn-haired woman at the bar, out on a work night with her girlfriend. She’s much too classy for this place. Call me bold or call me a fool, but I told the waitress to serve both ladies a Manhattan, on me.

Ever since the round of drinks, she’s been glancing back at me over her shoulder.
“A Manhattan, huh?” I look up from my whiskey to see her standing at my table.

“A Manhattan,” I offer a partial smile. “Would you like to sit?”
“I am here with my friend,” she shrugs, but I can see that she wants to stay. She skeptically smiles. “Okay, but only for a few minutes.”

The conversation is easy. Her laughter melodious. Her long and capable fingers tap the glass.

I watch in surprise as my hands leave my tumbler and wrap around her tapping fingers. She stops talking and looks at me. My eyes are eager. I can see her weighing the proposition, as if every possible outcome is fluttering through her mind. Then her green eyes narrow, and her strawberry lips curl.

“I’ll be right back,” she says. She stands up and walks over to her friend at the bar, keeping her back to me. Her friend leans back, craning her neck to get a good look at me. Her heavily painted eyes narrow, as she studies me. I offer her a nod and courteous smile. Her lips press together, and she returns her attention to her auburn-haired friend. A few brief words are exchanged before she returns to me. “I’m assuming your place?”

I pick up my whiskey and quickly gulp the rest, setting the tumbler down with a renewed authority. “Yes. My place.”

Out now!


Heart of the Galante Legacy Series

(A Steamy Billionaire Romance)

Dive into this spicy family saga series where the bonds are close and the romances are swoon-worthy!

Surrounded by parental love, the Galante kids grow up with each their own passion for art, which they carry out with their own style and personality.

Andreas Galante has it all. A famous last name, an established career, endless money, good looks, and beautiful women throwing themselves at him. But what does that help when all he wants is to find a down-to-earth woman to live a quiet life with?

Andreas is autistic. His passion for art makes him excel at spotting fresh and up-and-coming artists. His unique talent makes him a cornerstone player with the Galante Galleries, the business his parents started and that today is of international fame.

Traveling to New York with his twin brother Lukas, he discovers the work of a young artist, Haley Adams. While standing deeply in thought, looking at her painting, she approaches him. She has a magnetic persona, and he immediately feels strangely comfortable talking with her. Could she be the companion he is looking for?

Lukas: "I love all types of women, particularly the pretty ones. Thankfully my charm, my famous last name and my solid bank account have made me irresistible to most women. I find myself working double shifts to satisfy them all, as I also have to console the ladies Andreas brushes off.

Until I met Stephanie. She’s petite, she has sexy curly hair, is quick witted and wears clothes that are just revealing enough that I can’t think straight. She's got me completely confounded. Whenever I open my mouth around her I sound like an idiot. And you guessed it, she's not impressed. And now she's the only woman I want."

Karl can be difficult. She's uptight. She likes routine. She dresses impeccably and keeps her jet-black hair in a tight bun.

She used to be a happy kid growing up with her younger brothers, but a bad decision as a teen landed her in a messy situation. Now, full of regret she strives prove to her mother that she is worthy of her trust, so that one day she can take over running of the Galante Galleries.

As Karl moves to Seattle to start a new branch of the Galleries, she hires Tyler Cummings as her construction manager. They quickly realize there is more to their connection, than they thought at first. But events in Karl's past are about to catch up with her.

Magnus may be a Galante, but he doesn’t have a sense for plastic art. Instead he is a talented actor. What started off as a fun extracurricular activity in high school, turned into a successful career.

Although he loves acting, his life is far from the glamour that the press gossips about. In fact, life in LA can be lonely at times. Also, Magnus is worried the press might pick up that he is dyslexic. So, he struggles at home with learning his lines.
The worst part of the job is the networking, the interviews, the parties and all the razzle dazzle. It bores him to death. He dutifully participates but sees it as a necessary evil. He would rather hang out with friends and family and grill burgers on his new rooftop garden.

Feeling lonely, Magnus is hoping to meet a down-to-earth girl, who is not blinded by his fame and success. But how do you go about meeting such a woman?

Anton is the youngest brother. He was adopted into the Galante family as a child. With less of a flair for art, Anton is showing great promise in politics. As an ambitious young man, he is looking for "the right kind of wife," who can support him in his future career. However, as meets Hannah, he is completley mesmerized. She is beautiful, but completely the wrong type of woman. In a moment of temporary insanity, he kisses her shortly after meeting her. What now?

Heart of the Galante Legacy Boxset is a complete collection of five books - a heart-warming Family Saga with love and spice.

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